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Zubot was started in late 2019 after extensive testing pre-launch. We have upgraded and designed various versions of the algos overtime as we believe adapting to market conditions is extremely important. We are currently on v3 of the ZuSC algo, which was the first algo we publicly launched back then.
For the first time, we have 3 separate algos trading simultaneously, they are ZuSCv3, ZuST and Chad. All three algos have been tested extensively and are profitable in all market conditions.


ZuSC algo’s choice of trading is scalping. This is because of how fast it can compound gains and outpace any strategy, especially buy-and-hold strategy.


ZuST algo’s choice of trading is swing. This algo likes to squeeze as much profit as possible from a trending move before switching sides. ZuST algo’s average trade time can vary from a few days to multi-weeks. But whenever the algo decides to hold the position for a longer duration, you better believe that the trade is going really well.


Chad is a mean reversion/trend following algorithm. Whether it’s a bull market or bear market, this bot will make sure you’re on the right side of big moves.

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